//Signing of Performance Contracts for Financial Year 2023/2024 -14/8/2023

Signing of Performance Contracts for Financial Year 2023/2024 -14/8/2023

The Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage Peninah Malonza, was today joined by the 3 Principal Secretaries in the 3 State Departments, together with heads of Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies (SAGAs), in the signing of performance contracts for the financial year 2023/2024. The event marked a significant step towards fostering accountability, growth, and transformative change in Kenya’s vital tourism, wildlife, and heritage sectors.

Highlighting the immense potential within Kenya’s diverse wildlife, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cultural heritage, CS Malonza emphasized the collective responsibility to leverage these resources sustainably.

“Our task is clear – to leverage these resources sustainably and responsibly, ensuring that the benefits are felt by all Kenyans while safeguarding the beauty that defines us,” she said.

The signed performance contracts demonstrate the Ministry’s commitment to realizing ambitious but achievable objectives. The goals for the upcoming financial year encompass bolstering tourism’s economic contribution, enhancing wildlife conservation, and preserving cultural heritage.

Collaboration was highlighted as a key factor in achieving these objectives. The CS stressed the importance of working closely with stakeholders, local communities, and international partners to ensure a holistic and sustainable approach.

Regarding tourism, Malonza outlined a vision to increase visitor numbers, revenue, and employment opportunities through investments in infrastructure, unique experiences, and strategic marketing. She described tourism as not just a sector, but a driving force for development across various industries.

The commitment to wildlife conservation was emphasized, promising partnerships, technology, and community involvement to combat poaching and habitat loss. The Ministry’s dedication extends beyond national borders, as it continues to lead in the fight against illegal wildlife trade on the global stage.

Safeguarding cultural heritage was underscored as vital for preserving national identity. By engaging local communities and promoting responsible tourism practices, the Ministry aims to ensure the vibrancy and integrity of Kenya’s archaeological sites, traditions, and languages.

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