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A vibrant and innovative tourism industry supported by sustainable wildlife resources


To facilitate good governance for sustainable development, management and marketing of tourism and wildlife


The Mandate of the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife as derived from the Executive Order No. 1 of June 2018 on Organisation of the Government of the Republic of Kenya is:-

  1. Tourism Policy and Standards.
  2. Wildlife Conservation and Protection Policy.
  3. Protection of Wildlife Heritage.
  4. Management of National Parks, Reserves and Marine Parks.
  5. Development and Promotion of Tourism.
  6. Wildlife Conservation Training and Research.
  7. Wildlife Conservation and Protection Education and Awareness.
  8. Training on Tourism Services.
  9. Tourism Financing.
  10. Tourism Research and Monitoring.
  11. Protection of Tourism and Regulation.
  12. Marketing of Kenya to Local and International Tourists.
  13. Wildlife Biodiversity Management and Protection.
  14. Collaboration with Wildlife Clubs of Kenya.
  15. Management of Wildlife Dispersal Areas in collaboration with Partners.

The said mandate is achieved through the through following institutions:-

  1. Kenya Tourism Regulatory Authority (Tourism Act, 2011)
  2. Kenya Wildlife Service (Wildlife Conservation and Management Act, 2013)
  3. Kenya Wildlife Research and Training Institute
  4. Kenya Tourism Finance Corporation (Tourism Act, 2011, Cap23)
  5. Kenya Utalii College (Tourism Act, 2011)
  6. The Kenya Tourism Fund (Tourism Act, 2011)
  7. Kenya Tourism Research Institute and Monitoring Mechanism (Tourism Act,2011)
  8. Kenya Tourism Protection Service (Tourism Act,2011)
  9. Kenya Tourism Board (Tourism Act, 2011)
  10. Brand Kenya (Brand Kenya Board Order, No. 109 of 2008)
  11. Kenyatta International Conventional Centre (Tourism Act,2011)
  12. Bomas of Kenya
  13. Kenya Safari Lodges and Hotels
  14. Kenya Cultural Centre (Kenya Cultural Centre, Cap. 218)
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