//MV Logos Hope’s Call to Magical Kenya – 23/8/2023

MV Logos Hope’s Call to Magical Kenya – 23/8/2023

With over 375 passengers and crew from over 70 nations, MV Logos Hope made its majestic entry into the Port of Mombasa on the 22nd of August, 2023. The Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage, Hon. Peninah Malonza, today attended the reception of the cruise ship in Mombasa.

The floating haven of knowledge and goodwill brought with it not only a cargo of 5,000 diverse titles, but also a promise of collaboration and exploration.

Under the theme “Knowledge, Help, and Hope,” the MV Logos Hope embodies Kenya’s global ambitions, and as CS Malonza noted, it reflects the nation’s aspirations on the world stage. In her welcoming address to the 375 passengers and crew members, the CS hailed the ship as a ‘floating repository of knowledge’ and a symbol of unity among nations.

“The book fair on this vessel is a living testament to the universal language of literature. And uniquely for us, these floating shelves offer our community over 5,000 titles—ranging from science to arts, all at affordable prices,” said Malonza.

The vessel’s amphitheater is also set to host illuminating talks aimed at enriching maritime careers, thereby offering a unique blend of intellectual and vocational enrichment.

As the MV Logos Hope graced the Kenyan coast, it also highlighted the increasing allure of Kenya as a prime tourist destination. The CS emphasized on the diverse range of experiences that Kenya offers, including wildlife safaris, water sports, cultural richness, and tranquil beaches. She proudly pointed to the rising status of Kenya as a top-tier tourist hub, reinforced by return visits like that of the MV World Odyssey the previous year.

Intriguingly, the cruise industry’s global impact is nothing short of astounding. It once generated over $154 billion and catered to almost 30 million passengers. With today’s tech-savvy cruise-goers, Kenya is prepared to seize this opportunity. The newly inaugurated cruise terminal in Mombasa is a testament to the nation’s readiness to embrace this lucrative market.

The Ministry of Tourism has been actively collaborating with various stakeholders, including the Ministry of Transport, to harness the full potential of Kenya’s coastal treasures. The blue economy, a vital component of the nation’s tourism fabric, is set to witness revitalizing transformations, underscoring Kenya’s commitment to sustainable tourism.

With an eye on the future, plans are already underway to enhance the cruise experience in Mombasa. Diversifying excursions available to cruise passengers is just one facet of a broader infrastructure push that encompasses upgraded airports and improved road connectivity, all aimed at amplifying the Magical Kenya experience.

While the arrival of MV Logos Hope is undoubtedly a landmark event, Malonza reminded all present that it’s merely a stepping stone in Kenya’s ongoing journey. To the guests on MV Logos Hope, she extended an invitation to immerse themselves in Kenya’s splendor—from its captivating beaches to its storied historical sites, from the vastness of Tsavo to the regal grace of Amboseli.

The cruise ship will be in Mombasa for 45 days, opening its doors to the public on Thursday, 24th August, 2023, and will be operating from Tuesdays to Sundays, 1pm-7pm. An entrance fee of Ksh. 50 shillings will be charged.

Also present was Mombasa County Governor, H.E. Abdulswamad Sheriff Nassir; the Principal Secretary State Department for Tourism, Hon. John Ololtuaa; Mombasa County Senator, Mohamed Faki; Kenya Port’s Authority head of corporate affairs, Benard Osero; Deputy County Commissioner of Mombasa, Ronald Mwiwawi; and Captain Dirk Colenbrander, among other key personalities.

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