//PS Museiya Meets Conservation Partners – 08/05/2023

PS Museiya Meets Conservation Partners – 08/05/2023

Conservation organisations led by conservancies Association of Kenya held a meeting with Principal Secretary Ms Silvia Museiya earlier at Serena Hotel.
The meeting to share the national priorities for the wildlife sector, receive feedback and develop an implementation matrix of the agreed actions had various stakeholders in attendance.
“There is need to review the Wildlife ACT as it lacks the place for communities voice. We need to include the emerging trends in conservation.” PS  Silvia Museiya noted.
Ag DG KWS Dr Kanga in his remarks highlighted KWSs commitment to champion Human Wildlife Coexistence,  benefit sharing, sustainable financing Models and habitat restoration to counter the effects of Climate Change.
The meeting provided a platform for the stakeholders to exchange ideas and identify areas of partnership towards achieving a common goal of conserving Kenya s Wildlife.
“Conservation education should be inbuilt in the curriculum to understand why its important to conserve our biodiversity” PS recommended.
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