H.E the First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta, has today officially opened the Pathways Africa Conference, 2020, at Brackenhurst Hotel, in Kiambu County. She was joined by the Chief Administrative Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, Mr. Joseph Boinnet, and Principal Secretary State Department for Wildlife, Prof. Fred Segor.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Open the door to diverse voices” and aims to provide a closer examination of how balanced leadership teams, effective collaborations, and diverse voices improve conservation impacts.

Kenya being one of the countries with the most iconic species of wildlife and rich biodiversity, the First Lady stressed on the importance of environment and wildlife conservation.

“The government is committed to sustainable management of these resources for future generations to enjoy. The objective of this conference resonates with our collective efforts to mitigate the results of climate change actions and to ensure that our communities are fully protected and empowered to live sustainable livelihoods from our rich natural heritage.’ She said.

The Chief Administrative Secretary, Mr. Boinnet, reiterated on the same. He said,

“We are committed to creating awareness on the importance of conservation of our wildlife and biodiversity especially in the direction of gender mainstreaming. Our wildlife are the most important tourist attraction and we must make conservation our top most priority. And while we are at it, let’s empower women in the process.”

One of the objectives of the State Department for Wildlife is wildlife conservation, protection and education.

“In order to achieve this objective, we need to protect our national parks, marine parks, reserves, and all the areas our biodiversity exist.” Prof. Segor said.

The conference, 3rd in Africa, started with the training of 30 African women conservation leaders from 14 different countries. To help address the imbalance in leadership, the Pathways Kenya 2020 focused on training these 30 women conservationists with new knowledge, useful tools, and a peer network to help them strengthen their leadership skills and ultimately improve their conservation in Africa.

The conference was organized by Women for Environment Leadership Council, Pride Lion Conservation Alliance, and the Colorado State University.

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