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The Directorate of Tourism will be responsible for the following functions:

  1. Formulate, implement and review tourism policy in collaboration with stakeholders
  2. Coordinate and liaise with international, regional and local institutions on tourism issues;
  3. Mobilize resources in consultation with the National Treasury and other development partners.
  4. Establish and enabling legal and regulatory framework for development of tourism.
  5. Facilitate safety and security of tourists in liaison with security agencies.
  6. Market and promote domestic and international tourism in collaboration with stakeholders.
  7. Develop and enforce tourism Codes of practice in collaboration with stakeholders.
  8. Develop and diversify viable tourism products and promoting community participating in tourism.
  9. Co-ordinate development of human resource in tourism.
  10. Coordinate and implement tourism programs under the Vision 2030 projects.
  11. Initiate negotiations and implementation of bilateral and multilateral tourism related agreements, protocols, conventions and treaties.
  12. Promote innovation and cost effective uptake of E-Tourism and appropriate development and transfer of technologies for tourism development.
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