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CS Malonza’s Meeting With The Visiting Slovak Minister For Environment, Mr. Jan Budaj

Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Peninah Malonza has today held a meeting with the Minister for Environment, Republic of Slovakia, Mr. Jan Budaj. They discussed potential areas of partnership in wildlife, tourism, and culture. “I wish to congratulate your president for leading the European Union in promoting environmental conservation through use of green mobility. This reduces carbon emissions which is beneficial to both humans and wildlife,” said CS Malonza. The potential areas of wildlife conservation discussed are; capacity building to combat wildlife trafficking and poaching, endangered species protection, promotion of coexistence and management of human-wildlife conflict, strengthening community enterprise programs and promotion of opportunities for community-managed nature-based tourism, adoption of technology in conservation, protection and management of wildlife resources, nature-based tourism in protected areas by building ecotourism facilities in the parks and formulation and implementation of a comprehensive product development and marketing strategy in partnership with tourism industry operators, and sister-Parks Program for joint promotion and marketing our products and destinations.

On matters of tourism and culture, the two Ministers agreed to hold trade fairs and marketing campaigns in each other’s backyards, and to share mutually beneficial information on tourism products development. Following the signing of an agreement on cultural cooperation between the two Governments, the two Ministers discussed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Republic of Slovakia and Kenya, with an emphasis on cultural and national heritage. “We are working towards establishing a joint committee on cultural cooperation whose first sitting will be held in Nairobi upon formation. I am also glad to report that Kenya’s exports to Slovakia include cultural artifacts like ornamental carvings and jewelry,” added CS Malonza.

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