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Information courtesy of Kenya Wildlife Services

Alphabetical listing of Parks & Reserves

Dodori National Reserve
Wildlife Sanctuary - 877 sq km - Managed by Kenya Wildlife Services

Dodori National Reserve was opened in 1976 to preserve a breeding ground for the East Lamu Topi, pelicans and with other local birdlife. Covering 877sq. kms with views of Dodori River and creek outlet with the densest, most varied species of mangrove forest in Kenya. Lion, Lesser Kudu, giraffe and hippo are also common to this Reserve.

Birds already noted are palmut vulture, Southern branded harrier eagle, honey buzzard, brown hooded kingfisher, European and carmine bee-eaters, brown breasted barbet and violet breasted sunbird.

There is no accomodation in this park.


Hot and humid
Facilities: None
Activities:   Game viewing
Airstrip:   one
Emergency:   Warden Lamu

Admission costs



Non resident: US$ 20 US$ 10
Resident: KSH 500 KSH 250
Citizen: KSH 100 KSH 50
Vehicle: 6 Seats Kshs 200 per day, 6-12 Seats Kshs 500 per day, 13-24 Seats Kshs 1000 per day, 25-44 Seats Kshs 2000 per day, 45 Seats or more Kshs 3000 per day
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