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Information courtesy of Kenya Wildlife Services

Alphabetical listing of Parks & Reserves

Tana River Primate Reserves
@ERROR - 169 sq km - Managed by Kenya Wildlife Services

Tana River Primate Reserve

The Tana River Primate Reserve was opened in 1976 to protect the Lower Tana river forest and two endangered species of monkey: the crested Mangbey and the Tana River Colobus. Access is via the Malindi-Garissa road. As well as the lush river forest, there is dry woodland and open savannah bisected by the river. Many of the bird and animal species are unusual in East Africa, generally they are typical of Central Africa’s lowland rainforest. One bird in particular, the White-Winged Apalis, is extremely rare. Others include ;openbill stork, martial eagle, bat hawk, pygmy falcon, barred owlet, scaly babbler, starling, golden pipit.

The forest also supports a rich array of mammals, a high number of reptiles and amphibian species, as well as a number of rare plants, some of which are unique to this area. Small groups of visitors with keen interest in primates and birdlife can be taken here. Limited accommodation is available at Muchelelo Research tented camp, by prior arrangements through KWS.


Hot and dry
Facilities: Campsites, Bandas, Trails
Activities:   Walking, Game viewing
Airstrip:   One

Admission costs



Non resident: US$ 20 US$ 10
Resident: KSH 500 KSH 250
Citizen: KSH 100 KSH 50
Vehicle: <6 seats Kshs 200 per day, 6-12 seats Kshs 500 per day, 13-24 seats Kshs 1000 per day, 25-44seats Kshs 2000 per day, 45 seats or more Kshs 3000 per day
Alphabetical Listing

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