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Listing of Mammals in Alphabetical order
(Papio cyanocephalus) - ...Them Baboon, Papio cyanocephalus, is a large terrestrial monkey with a somewhat dog-like head. There are 2 subspecies found in Kenya; the Yellow Baboon found in Eastern Kenya and the Olive Baboon found throughout the rest of the country. The 2 sp...

Black and White Colobus
(Colobus guereza ) - ...The Black and White Colobus Colobus guereza also known as the Guereza is a very distinctive and beautiful monkey with its jet black coat and flowing white mantle. They live mostly high in the forest canopy and are difficult to get a close look at...

Black Rhinoceros
(Diceros bicornis) - ...The Black Rhino has a hooked and flexible upper lip. It feeds on leaves, shoots and buds. Black Rhinos are solitary animals....

Cape Buffalo
(Syncerus caffer) - ...The Cape Buffalo, Syncerus caffer, is a massive, moody and very dangerous animal. Their main diet is grass but at certain times leaves and buds may make up the greater part of their intake. Despite this vegetarian and somewhat pastoral appearance...

Cape Hare
(Lepus capensis) - ...The Cape Hare, Lepus capensis, is primarily vegetarian but also occasionally eats mice. They include a range of buds, bark, twigs, fruit, fungus and roots in their diet. They have excellent hearing and sense of smell but while they have very larg...

(Acinonyx jubatus) - ...One of the world's fastest land animals, the Cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus, is another solitary cat. It has a distinctive sleek, streamlined shape with long legs and a very flexible spine. This makes it ideally suited to taking its favourite prey, Th...

Coke's Hartebeest
(Alcelaphus bucelaphus) - ...Coke's Hartebeest Alcelaphus bucelaphus, also known as the Kongoni, has the distinctive "Hartebeest" look with its long narrow head and sloping back. It is a grass eater which is found on open plains in small groups. Females tend to form harem tr...

Common Zebra
(Hippotigris quagga ) - ...There are 2 species of Zebra found in Kenya, the Common Zebra, Hippotigris quagga and Grevy's Zebra, Hippotigris grevyi. The latter species was named after french president Jules Grevy who was presented with 3 animals by the King of Ethiopia. Gre...

Eastern Dwarf Mongoose
(Helogale undulata) - ...The Eastern Dwarf Mongoose, Helogale undulata, is a social animal travelling in family groups with around a dozen members. They are most active in the middle of the day when they go out hunting together. They feed mainly on insects but they also ...

(Loxodonta africana) - ...The world's largest land animal, the Elephant, Loxodonta africana, needs no introduction. Despite their massive size they are entirely vegetarian eating a wide variety of foods including grass, leaves, shoots, flowers, bark and a variety of culti...


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