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Kenya Tourist Board will be unveiling their exciting plans for repositioning Kenya as a quality destination at this year’s World Travel Market.

On Monday 12th November at 3pm on the centre-stage, at Earls Court, Kenya’s Minister for Tourism and Information, the Hon. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka will reveal full details of these new initiatives to CNN producer John Bell.

The initiatives include the building of expert marketing teams both at home and abroad, a new and exciting advertising campaign, the launch of a spectacular website, a professional tourism survey and the development of niche products to complement the traditional safari and coast experience.

The creative presentation of Kenya has been reflected in the destination materials developed for a full advertising campaign to reposition and
re-brand the destination.

The campaign includes an exciting new logo and slogan, a spectacular destination video, new brochures, as well as an inter-active CD Rom, and other promotional materials.

The Kenya destination website has also undergone a major upgrade in recognition of the increasing importance that the internet is taking as a medium of communication and a source of information, and ranks as one of the most vibrant, evocative and stimulating destination sites around.

In recent months, a full marketing team of young and energetic professionals have taken their place at the Kenya Tourist Board to enable the development and implementation of marketing plans.

They are backed up by an extensive network of newly appointed global market development representatives in Kenya’s key source markets of Europe, the USA, and Europe.

The role of these MDR’s is to support the repositioning and raise the profile of Kenya among trade and consumers. Emphasis will be on the quality and diversity of the product, and the potential to develop Kenya as the destination of choice for families and for a variety of hitherto untapped niche markets.

Kenya has also recently commissioned a definitive visitor survey, designed to establish the factors influencing the choice of destination for visitors to Kenya. The study will also seek to establish levels of expectations of the consumer, and how well Kenya as a destination, is delivering.

The fieldwork is ongoing and research findings will be available by the end of this month.

These are the component parts of Kenya’s tourism action plan, which will serve to illustrate both our vision and our future direction. Also, to underline our firm commitment to the delivery of a really value-added destination, the active promotion of eco-tourism and the development of the kind of community projects that will protect our wildlife, conserve our environment and enrich our people for generations to come.
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