The following are the Upcoming Activities for the 3rd and 4th Quarter For Financial Year 2015/2016:-

  1. Revamping of Beach product, (i.e. capacity building for beach operators, Beach cleaning activities along the coastline, continuous vetting of operators, Beach signage.)
  2. Participating  in the World Trade Organization Conference at KICC  from 15th -18th December,2015.
  3. Boat Race in Lake Victoria to promote Sports tourism.
  4. 7th Edition of Tourism Investment Forum for Africa-INVESTOUR 2016-21st Jan 2016 during the FITUR Exhibition in Madrid Spain scheduled for 20th -24th Jan 2016.
  5. 103rd Session of the UNWTO Executive Council is scheduled for the first semester of 2016 in Madrid Spain. Dates to be confirmed.
  6. 58th Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for Africa (CAF)-Cote d’Ivoire would wish to host the meeting. This was communicated during the 57th CAF meeting in Medellin, Colombia. Dates will be communicated. The current CAF Chair is Hon.Walter Mzembi, Minister for Tourism, Zimbabwe.