The functions of the Ministry are;-

  1. Planning and Policy-making; Overall tourism policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and review in collaboration with stakeholders.
  2. Overall co-ordination; Liaise and coordinate with international, regional and local institutions on tourism issues.
  3. Resource mobilization: Internal external resource mobilization in consultation with the Treasury for the development of tourism;
  4. Facilitation:  Establishment of an enabling legal and regulatory framework, promotion of local and foreign investments, safety and security of tourists, and conservation of biodiversity.
  5. Product development and diversification:  Development of viable tourism products and promotion of community participation in tourism.
  6. Capacity development: Coordinating capacity development and setting of standards in the hospitality industry.
  7. Research and development: Undertake and coordinate research in the sector.

In this respect, the Department is responsible for overall guidance and policy coordination for all State Corporations under its jurisdiction.